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You're Splitting. 

Just a little thing I shared with a person online. It helped that person in the right moment which was a welcome relief and welcome news.

Maybe it can help someone else? Who knows? :

These snippets of information about the horror of splitting are on point. If only I could have made people aware of these horrific battles before and if only I could of gotten a handle on this hell earlier in life.

This is hell. Caused by others for me to take accountability for and deal with once and for all, so late in the day. I feel a bit fucked over but it is what it is.

I've miss treated people fucking badly because of this shit. The only way I can right those wrongs is to not do it again and to not do it to myself.

DBT is hard work but I'm grateful to finally have it in my life. No thanks to the NHS though or should I say, the Torry government but we've ranted about that already.

I owe those who are supporting me through this, big time. For the first time in my life, I feel like they give a shit. I owe them though .....

To beat this shit, in a nut shell:

Splitting behaviours have cost me valued friendships, cherished relationships and self respect. Even jobs.

If you recognize any of these behaviours above, I suspect you know something isn't right and you probably know you are in need of help. So seek it. The younger you get the help, the better. Damage limitation. Seek the help now, not years later. It's available these days and more accessible than ever outside of the NHS. Research DBT and DBT path.

As for your Father:

If you're a bit older or even old, it's never to late to change or change as much as possible either. You still have life ahead of you and you deserve happiness as much as anyone else. Change is the only solution. There is a choice.

Seek help.

The only practical path to working to resolve EUPD and PTSD issues is DBT or DBT path therapy alongside other courses of help like meds and holistic medadtive exercises and physical excersise and balanced diet.

Seek help.

Stop splitting. It really doesn't need to be a life sentence.

#survive #cope #live #enjoy

Might sound a bit preachy on reading it back now but it's true. So I've shared it again here.


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