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Withdrawal - attempt number III

One day Ill get around to typing up some notes from my journal on here re my reliance on and battle with venlafaxine (addiction and it is a fucking addiction, Google the topic).

I've been on and off this fucking horrid drug for a while now. I am now on withdrawal attempt 3. The last attempt was successful but life and people come along and kick you in the nuts and TADA! You're back on the chemical crutch's to help get you through.

I hate this. I hate the drug. I hate the fucking illness that creates the need for the drug. I hate it. But its happening.

I don't want to write the journey up into a public post until I'm a year clear of the bastard stuff. I WILL get there.

In the mean time, on my 3rd withdrawal journey from venlafaxine and my 7th withdrawal journey from addictive psyche meds, I can only offer this blog, this, for now:

Any excuse to burn shit to be honest!


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