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What I want to reply with but have resisted.

A Facebook debate I stepped away from. Some people are beyond reproach. To far gone. I practiced some restraint but I'll vent my spleen here instead.


One more thing you absolute fat fucking numb skull: I'm so disgusted by how some people, like you, have decided to play god in the middle of this crisis. It's no secret that people and countries' reaction to humanitarian crises in Ukraine and Arab countries has been vastly different, to say the least. People are talking about it now. I was reading someone explaining a study that was trying to explain the reasons behind it (nothing unexpected: factor #1 was racism, then also the fact that it 'shows a defiance against Putin', but you ask why was Western defiance of no importance before?)

There were too many people for my liking in the responses to her saying "oh we support the Ukrainians because they have shown fighting spirit, unlike those dirty Syrians who fled at the first sign of trouble" and that is such a deeply disturbing bullshit statement to boldly declare our loud let alone think, it has sat with me today, it has royally fucking irked me.

First up, what a terribly stupid thing to say. How deeply pathetic. This isn't a fucking movie, "we're on the side of the spunky underdogs!" fuck right off with that shit. When real people's lives are at risk, your movie heroics can fuck right off. Anyone, anyone would rather see a million people fleeing to safety than a million people dead. Dead. Oh my fucking god, what is wrong with you?? Wanker.

Relatedly, who are you, sitting in the comfort of your home, to decide which war-traumatised population is "deserving" of help and empathy, and which is not? Who made you god? Who are you to decide that some people are unworthy of receiving aid, and basic empathy, to be treated with basic fucking human dignity?

The principle on which UN operates regarding refugees is that nobody should be denied refugee status, or basic rights for crying out loud, on discriminatory factors. They fled a war. They've already seen more than you have on TV while enjoying your privileged cushy life. They lost everything. Their homes are gone. Traces of their past lives, over; they've vanished. Their cities are unrecognisable. And you have the gall to think and I quote; 'oh they've only come here because our countries are soft and are such nice and pleasant places to face discrimination in'. Fuck right off with that as well you thick right wing fuck.

It makes me so sick that people are so detached from reality. It's not your cleansed, curated, aesthetic facebook feed we're talking about. It's real people's lives. You don't get to decide who fits your war fetish aesthetic, "ooh, only the bravest hall of famers, who have fought within an inch of their lives, can come here!". Grow up. War is ugly as hell. You won't get polished, Hollywood heroes for refugees, I'm sorry. War isn't a cinematic experience starring a firm-browed, all-American khaki who can give an inspiring speech in a confident voice with an orchestra playing. So get that idea right out of your head. I mean seriously? Seriously??

Those who have fought, seen devastation, who you think you adore and idolise so much? They'd spit in your face for it. How dare you think you can play arbiter. How dare you decide, after all the strife and hardship, after the civilian casualties, after the destruction of homes and the erasing of lives, the devastation that has hit everyone affected, how dare you choose which ones are "worthy" of rehabilitation.

And also, when people under middle east occupation did fight back, you called them terrorists. The 12 year-old Palestinian girl who bravely stood up to Israeli soldiers? What did you call her?

Crawl back into your sanitised middle class grief hole and pop some more chocolate in your mouth. Cunt.


Rant over.







etc etc

War is war and it fucking sucks. Can't we just get along nicely?


But yes, #fuckputin


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