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Three Dead Letters.

Three detail shots of of three different pieces of rough and ready raw art. All abstract circuits and components as in electromech. The abstract bird one was going to be a piece for my "don't trust the birds" series but went sideways and went all abstract and circuity.

There's nothing too special about these abstracts, anyone can blag abstract apart from the fact that each one is a "dead letter". Under the art work is a letter. Each one to a person who I hold accountable for some things that make me angry. The therapist involved in this excersise instructed me to burn these after writing them and discussing them with her and her only. Discussion was had but I didn't want to light 'em up. To easy. Rather, instead, I decided to pull three cover ups, to use today's boring trendy tat' lingo.

Cover ups feel more appropriate and true.

Feels better than fire. Ink the fuckers.

Three Dead Letters.

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