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This weeks prescription. Be a dog.

This week's prescription from William Seighart's poetry Pharmacy is poem by Mark Doty called Golden Retrievals.

This poem strikes a chord, addressing the failure to live inbthe moment and not over think. I overthink everything and that extreme over thinking only causes pain.

There's an art to healthy thinking, especially if you have an illness like BPD and depression. I could go right on one and right on into it right now, but that would be over thinking it. So I won't.

Instead, I'll just share with you a poem by Mark Doty and William Sieghart's take on it and suggestions.

Here, straight out of the book, not even plagiarised, plain old stolen:

So there it is. Superb.

Relatable. I need to be less second arrow and more muck, pond, ditch, residue.

Be the Golden retriever, be the dog.




More about Mark Doty:


More about William Seighart and the book I stole (sourced) this from:


This book. It's really helped me through some shitty bad ass days.


I even did some art for this blog entry.

I don't draw dogs or at least I've never really tried all that hard too, but this worked. Drawn in pencil and ink copying from a photograph and then scanned in and I carried on with it on a really retro digital drawing pad that plugs in to the PC. Did the job though. I got lost in it, like a dog gets lost in rolling around in the mud.

Doing alright then.


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