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The Venlafaxine Withdrawal Diaries. Part Uno. 

This is entry part Uno (I'm going to use foreign words for numbers to seem cool and connected but look cheesey and predictable instead) of my diary about my planned slow withdrawal off of this horrid medication (that has actually been really really very good to me and "literally" helped me back from the brink after a close call suicide attempt) otherwise know as venlafaxine.

Horrid because of the sedative side affects and hangovers. But grim to say the least. I'll talk more about that later in future blog entries.

I'll cover the positive side of venlafaxine and how it's helped me through a very painful 3 years of my life and how it has helped me alongside some seriously deep gritty intense DBT therapy. With out this medication being right at the time, I may not have commited myself and dedicated myself so passionately and as focused I as I have, which has been liiiife changing. I can not over emphasise that enough.

So I have a debt of gratitude to venlafaxine and the mental health professionals that convinced me to start poppin' 'em!

I think though, this blog section will be quite whingey and moany about venlafaxine during my withdrawal and tapering off of them onto something else (yet to be confirmed).

I'm sure once done, I'll be back to singing it's praises in the treatment of BPD and similar conditions.

So, this is the introduction I guess.

Let's see where this one goes! (*car crash noises).

Enjoy 🤔😜


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