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Stranger Danger

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Never met this person in my life before. We met randomly over a kiosk coffee by the beach in Dorset. We spoke about photography and bicycles for about ten or fifteen minutes. I took this one photo that she asked me to capture. Click. Then she then went her own way and as she pedalled off very slowly, she gently shouted back, “see yer around yeah”. I just called back “probably“. I got the thumbs up.

Little interactions leave big impressions.

Even if I never see or speak to that person again, I won’t ever forget that interaction. Instant connection.

Low DPI version. Wanna protect this image. I’m planning an exhibition with some friends. This story, more eloquently told and a big print might be thing.

...... and I’ve just realised, I never got her name.


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