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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Creative writting:

A young lion cries over the still warm body of his mangled father.  He sniffles as he nuzzles his way into the dead embrace of the king of lions, but before he can fully immerse himself in his grief a gloved hand touches the back of his head lightly.

Having never seen a human before the lion cub jumps away and gives a pathetic snarl, the snarl that he believes led to the end of his father's life. The man before him is dressed as a bat but his posture is non-threatening and his mouth is sad. This man is no threat, but the young cub finds it hard to relax.

When the bat man speaks the young lion can understand to his confusion and he hears, "You will be okay."  The statement is miraculously unconvincing for something that was meant to be comforting.

The lion cub only reacts in anger at the lies.  "It cannot be okay!  My father is dead... it's all my fault... it's all my fault."  But before the young cub can collapse into his own sadness the bat man scoops him up and holds him tight to his armored chest and against his better judgement, the lion leans into the embrace and soaks in the much needed comfort.

"May you find comfort in revenge, and courage to fight when your world is not easy. Now rest."


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