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Old Man - nonsense poem

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Arguailly the old man stood, Pondering the ferib, avrile and bhetts Confused and olumed within the woods He spoke hebrily, much like a sheil. Whispering softly, he came to announce the beginnings of an elpinode. Like a French frip about to pounce, he crouched and threw his quershinoad. Running madly through the forest, he warned the starmles and revendelp, "Save yourselves!", he loudly chorused, "And bring your frewds and areveshelpp!" Curiously the thruks peeped out, as the plabers and centters scuttled away. Frightened by the humans faderous shouts, they blinked and went back to their zentalays. Finally running out of breath, the man stopped and sat sullenly upon a zastt fangle. Cursing the linwits and khelloweths, he mournfully sighed and breathed his first kinkle wobbler.


Such nonsense .......

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