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NHS psychiatric system is mental.

This article has been discussed else where in our private forum but I thought I would share the article here as well.

I was forced to give up on the NHS because of the lack of provision for BPD that I urgently required. Literally life or death.

When I did recieve attention specifically about BPD it was lip service and too fucking late.

I went private for DBT and all the related things.

They can spend trillions on war and supporting big corporate polluting fat cats but apparently there's no money on the "magic money tree" (Theresa May) to inject into the NHS mental health system.

On my first unwelcome journey into the mental health system 23/24 years ago there was insanely (tee hee) more money, assets and facilities in the mental health system under labour administration.

What happened?

The fucking conservatives happened, that's what.

Makes my blood boil.


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