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Mindfulness For BPD.

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I have been slowly working my way through this book I bought a couple of years back, between other things. It's good. Nothing new, nothing I'm already aware of but the actual practical mindfulness "homework" bits to work through are slightly different to the Linehan books that I (we) use as standard. This helps keep mindfulness practices fresh and helps to think it through from another angle somewhat and stretch my (our) thinking. Never a bad thing.

As with all self help DBT informed books, it's great but pointless if you only read it but not throw yourself in to the deep end and do the work, complete the tasks and 100% commit to the practice. That's where the good bits are, the opportunity to challenge your schemas and improve on disregulated thinking.

I have really enjoyed working through this book somewhat counter intuitively but I like how it's set out.

I've used it challenge some heavy shit, the usual hairy issues and really break some of it down and build it back better, to quote that hoofwanking bunglecunt Borris Johnson. Anyway ....... bad choice of quote.

So, I recommend this book. It's accessible, psych babble free for a DBT book and clean and concise.


If you have borderline personality disorder (BPD), you know that the intensity of your emotions can be suffocating, and can lead to self destructive behavior and relationship difficulties. Fluctuating emotions, black and white thinking, and a tendency to self-harm can make BPD especially difficult to treat.

As an answer to the lack of effective treatment available, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) was founded by Marsha Lineham-who suffered from BPD herself-to treat BPD with a combination of behavioral science and concepts of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Since its creation, DBT has proven extremely successful in the treatment of BPD. Mindfulness for Borderline Personality Disorder offers a new, mindfulness-based approach to emotion regulation and the common symptoms associated with BPD. If you are suffering from BPD, the practice of mindfulness can offer comfort, calm, and hope. This book will look at the ways in which mindfulness can be used to address the specific symptoms of BPD, teaching the basics of mindfulness, providing specific mindfulness exercises, application to the symptoms of BPD, and examples from patients as they have begun the path out of suffering using mindfulness.

If you are ready to change your life and minimize your symptoms, this book is a powerful, evidence-based tool that can help.

It's a good book to introduce yourself or others to the concept of DBT.

A good introduction.

I've been doing the graft involved with reading of this self help book. I was going to publish an in-depth step by step blog entry detailing my journey through it but I have decided it got to personal and touched on things I don't publish on the public blog. But rather assured I have been doing the work.

The work pays off.

Get this book. Do the work.

Keep on keeping on.


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