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Love Songs Error

I kept assigning all of the best love songs to the wrong fucking lovers.

Like a little man bitch I've spent hours stitching together ace fucking mixtapes for women that weren’t deep enough to connect to the depths of the lyrics, if that doesn't sound a bit rich.

I guess my playlists are meant for others.

I fell in love with women that didn’t understand how much they meant to me or perhaps they couldn't be bothered but that's just me bitching.

They didn’t understand that these songs were little messages I sent to them instead of poxy flowers, low key reminding them why I loved them, how I felt about them, subliminal.

Perhaps my music taste is the problem?

Status Quo ?

Yeah, that's pretty criminal.

I shared my favorite love songs in haste, the best songs with the wrong lovers in error.

And now I can’t listen to those songs without seeing their faces and the feeling of terror.

Great fucking love songs I'll never recover.


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