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Looking Back, Looking Forward. 

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Theses are some images in raw and monochrome raw format, unedited that I've been looking through and will edit slightly, perhaps, next week. I couldn't bear to look at, let alone start working through these images for years, until now, for one reason and another. Painful reasons. I will say though that when I captured these images, I was very unwell and I did not know just how unwell I was. The insight was not there. I didn't know how far gone I was. It was heavy. I kept clicking the little buttons on my camera though.

I guess, it's another little breakthrough in life that I can now just view and regard them as captured images without the intense emotions that was attached to them the last time I attempted to do something with these images. But its is no longer like that. I managed to delete a whole swathe of images into oblivion, forever, too. Gone. A relief but also sad.

I'm glad I didn't nuke these ones. These will be worked on and kept for the images that they are. Just images. I had a terabyte pretty much from this trip away to work through. Lots of them escaped the cull and many didn't.

These are the tip of iceberg from that particular file of images. Not the most exciting photographs I've ever captured but these are good captures non the less and they have a bitter sweet meaning for me. Once I've perfected a collection of captures from this particular "wonky" journey overseas, they will get uploaded to flickr.

Never give in. Keep on keeping on. Keep clicking. Keep sharing. Keep striving to be better.


(I edited this down. The bulk will be flickr bound very soon and tumblr all of which you can find in the menu.)

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