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Updated: Jan 11

"Watch out for the lippery sleeves!”

I called, to a cyclist bycling on bye bye,

He paid me no mind, not one bittle lit,

Silly shat fit,

his fycra did lash,

his spedals did pan,

spin did his geese, honk honk

burn did his wires,

and then I nid you knot

he went tass o'vr great tits,

his space he did flash

that'll teach the ....



What? Fuck off, I can't sleep. AND that was based on something that actually did happen today. Kinda.

So yeah. Mindful on those lippery tracks out there and also of putting your letters in the right order or perhaps not in the right order.

It's up to you.

Anyway, insomnia does this.



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