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Interpersonal Effectiveness Objectives. . c1.u3.s23. 

I'm super excited to enter into unit 3 on Interpersonal Effectiveness. Something in my life or skill set that has always been somewhat wanting, to say the very least, due to my weird neuro wiring SNAFU's. Anxiety, anger, rage, depression, paranoid, disassociation, delusions, etc. All the good stuff!

This weeks lesson has acted a good kind of recap and reminder of things already learned and where we are going to take that stuff next. It's always good to go over what wise mind is as much as possible and keep reminding ourselves of what it takes to achieve that frame of mind. Practice. Repeat. Practice.

That's always a take home key discussion. Identifying what our objectives are out of this unit is of course key and my objectives remain the same as they were in unit 1 but my ideas of how to achieve my objectives have changed massively due to all the new insights and skills we have been learning about and practicing along the way.

My vision of how to make these changes is far clearer now. I could write a 5000 word essay on it right now but that would be a very very mundane read!

I am self aware and I am striving to change my darker negative personality traits. For me. For my loved ones. For society. I really fucked up. I am morally duty bound to turn that (self) destructive mess around.

That's it for now. Not much I need to say on this week's unit apart from I'm ready to press on and learn more and work towards a less dramatic life style and state of being. One promise to myself is redouble my efforts in homework and mi fulness practice again. Last 2 or 3 weeks I've slacked off a bit due to distractions but I am fully aware and keen to pull it back in. Let's do this. Mark :)

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