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I want I want I want.

Many small things can create one huge idea. Many small things can change anyone. There are many small things I want from my life yet still. Many small things I want to do, see, and feel. I want to feel wanted, I want to see more of the UK, Ireland, and Italy and I want to return to Heidelberg in Germany and I want experience Romania, I want to dance with friends, I want someone I can talk to about anything without fear of judgement and betrayal. I want to disappear, just for a short time, to sort out my thoughts and my life and to see who would care that I am gone and who doesn’t give a toss, sort the wheat from the chaff. I know everyone says that they want, they want, they want. But, what I want has nothing to do with material things, nothing that you can pay for or hold in your hand, nothing that makes me better than anyone else. I want things that everyone should have and everyone should want.


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