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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I haven‘t got the time or head space to type up and publish any DBT stuff at the moment due to my moving town and well, starting over entirely, really.

Im going to get this right and not fuck myself up or anyone else up with my mental health shit ever again and I will choose my people far more carefully. I won’t get fucked over by someone else again either. No way.

I’ve learned a lot and I am always learning.

Before I snuff it, I will get this life thing nailed.

Being human is hard work sometimes.

I’ll be back on the DBT blog stuff soon rambling and moaning like I do, fucking going on and on trying to work it all out! I need to get back on it and practice the mindful DBT skills more than I am right now as I can feel it slipping a bit. Soon.

In the mean time I am pulling my hair out moving and changing my life up. I have some wonderful support and I love them very much. I’m actually a bit lost for words to describe how grateful I am to them.

I am blessed.


Good riddance Boscombe. I won’t miss you. But I will miss a select few good people and the surrounding beautiful cycling routes I burned upon regularly.

Hello phase 1 of my new start. Clean slate.

Dodgy photography and some dubious art will keep coming I’m afraid.

DBT diatribes will resume soon.



🔝 This.

Some dodgy art:

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