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Eleanor purple port shoot.

Updated: Feb 25

Took a few shots for Eleanor, a friend of a friend who has now become my friend also, in Weymouth. It went well. A good two hours spent shooting and learning.

Again I did it for free, I say free, I didn't pay for the coffee treks, so I'm happy with that. I do this for the sake of photography and learning and interacting.

I'm not a pro anyway. I'm a hobbiest. It's for fun and money gets in the way, unless you're a pro, of course.

I have about 150 shots to work through and already my eyes are turning square. I think about 30 shots will make the grade and hopefully make Eleanor's portfolio.

Thanks goes to John Brand for the lighting and help and location.

I'll add some images here as I go along, the good ones, the works in progress ones and some bad ones:

Some heavy edits but I'm following a concept brief and I love photoshop.

Work in progress .......


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