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Deep Sea Creature

Updated: May 7

I am obsessed with the almost alien deep sea world of weird and wonderful creatures.

I found the need to create some.

I'll keep a record here of their progress. This is a personal project not related to any educational pursuits or customer commissions or whatever. This is just for fun and these creatures will probably be placed somewhere in water eventually like my fish project in 2005, a guerrilla art project in Bournemouth Gardens. It made the local rag.

I intend to guerrilla plant these at some point in a stream around Dorchester somewhere. Not deep sea I know but hey, I haven't got a submarine. Yet.

I will also remove them once enough people moan. I don't pollute our water ways. I play nice.

My collection of creatures will grow slowly over the next year or so while I build up a body of work to confuse people with.

All creatures are and will be made out of materials I reclaim from skips. All skip material. Reclaim and recycle. Sheer fun. Abstract and loose and playful.

Let's see where this one goes. Work in progress .....

To be continued .......

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