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DBT BPD Mental Health Blogging ......

My excruciatingly bad and amateur DBT BPD Mental Health Blogging project thing will recommence properly on the 01.02.2021.

I have a placenta of, sorry, plethora of material ready to ramble on about and lots of articles and links to blog and share and share further afield on anti social in my own, probably, egotistical bid to spread the message of insight and healing from BPD and PTSD related trauma.

All completely subjective, unprofessional and non prescriptive of course with spelliong errors and fuck know what type of grammar I’m using 🤷🏻‍♂️ Klingon? I dunno.

I just share a bit of what I feel may be useful to someone, anyone, anywhere. If not, it’s useful to me anyway.

The BPD stigma is still vile and mahoosive! So much misunderstanding and ignorance towards the illness. I hope my blog helps in any infinitesimal way to help challenge that stigma and spread some insight and education. Just a tiny tiny fuckin’ bit, y’know!

Don‘t leave BPD unchecked and untreated. Have accountability. Have a brighter non toxic happier future.

Let the blog and my soap box ramblings and diatribes commence mutha focaccia’s! You lucky lucky bastards 😬😜

M x

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