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This time of year does not bode well with me. Crowds, gatherings, tension, anxiety and burn out. Not to mention money.

I've not enjoyed this festive period since I was a boy. I want to enjoy it, I feel like I should enjoy it and I feel like a kill joy miserable fucker because I don't particularly ..... enjoy it.

I'll paint my smile on though and wear one of many chameleon masks and put on a show.

It's also a nonsense celebration but that's a whole other discussion about distorted history, stolen traditions and corporate pressure.

I'm full of anxiety now.

I need to do a cope ahead DBT thing but I'm so tired. I'll just vent here a bit instead. Not on the FB group thing though, because that might mean engagement and I'm tiiiiiiiired. I'll do that tomorrow when I've recharged my few scrambled brain cells.

I know I'm not alone and there are millions of others right now feeling just the same and millions more again, feeling even worse and dealing with bigger heavier troubles.

I hope they make it through and bounce back brighter.

If anyone reads this and is one of those struggling with it all and needs a chat, hit me up. If you are in the BPD fight club, you have my number anyway. If you are not, contact me via my contact page or reply to this blog entry. Reach out. I'm never to tired to chat directly.


Fucking covide too. Grrrr. I mean WTF are we living through? Yes, a pandemic but man, everything is out of whack and not adding up, mainly because I don't understand not because there's a big conspiracy to kill us all! Lets not hand over to much of our freedoms though. Covid passports? Nah. That would be a foolish move. I'm rambling.

Strange times.

Strange times that is and will impact mental health as well as physical health for a long long time to come. Grim.


We gotta be there for each other and back each other up with support and kindness.

Hit me up if you're alone, pissed off, sad, whatever. Don't do it alone.

Happy Christmas 🎄


Lol. I'm not a proffessional. I'm a twat 🤷‍♂️

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