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Class 20, unit 2, session 9. The limbic system and the holistic care model for anxiety.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

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This was one of my favorite sessions so far from a purely non heavy science point of view.

We kicked of the sesh with a mindfulness exercise which was a helpful one.

Then bosh, straight into looking at inherited trauma and how that in itself, on its own, can mean being born with a fucked limbic system. Unfortunate indeed.

Limbic notes from class:

The limbic system:

  • Processes emotional responses from body to brain and vica versa. Back and forth.

  • Interprets physical sensation in response to situations. External and internal.

#amygdala #hypothalamus #hypocampus

The limbic system is what we are out to retrain and literally rewire through neuroplasticity using DBT. Probably splet that wrong!


  • Center for aggression and threat reactions.

  • Anger

  • "as if" reactions. Jumping the gun. Snap judgment calls.

  • Out of proportion reaction.

  • Turns logic off in emo stressful situations.


  • Effects short term and long term memory loss especially in people with BPD when under emo stress.

  • This explains a lot about some of my black outs of memory when "kicking off" or being confronted with argument. ❗More research to be carried out.

  • Hugely affects emotional reactions.


Regulates hunger, thirst, sex drive Aututonomic nervous system:

  • Parasympathetic/sympathetic.

  • Regulates emotion.

  • Is your nervous systems under current that takes care of adrenaline in the blood stream for example.

  • Regulates hormones (dis-regulation).


  • Reticular Activating System (RAS).

  • Physiological.

  • Psychological.

  • Being awake.

  • Awareness.

  • Being conscious.

  • Take actions.

  • Brain fibers of our five senses.

Sympathetic system:

  • Is fast to react. Short nerve end connections into spinal nervous chord from body. Very short pathway.

  • Rescue mode. Survival. FFF.

  • Impact symptoms.

  • Organs to spinal chord.

Para Sympathetic system:

Is slow to react. Longer connections. Takes time to re regulate. Keeps you on edge ready to react for some time.

These are evolutionary traits.

#neocortex. Logic.

We then at this point discussed how people with BPD are anatomically different in our limbic nervous system. We looked at the differences briefly.

We went over how DBT is a powerful tool in helping to control emotions and dis regulation and with lots of practice and dedication, DBT practices and techniques aids the physical rewiring of our limbic system, our neuro pathways and thus, our emo reactions. We keep reinforcing this in our sessions and this is the crux!

Neocortex. We can train our self's through DBT practice to tap into this and tap into our rational brain.

Counting exercise. During an emo dis-regulated event, practice this simple DBT exercise to help slow our chain of reactions and tap into our Neocortex, our rational brain to help find wise mind. Simple but it really works. Use this simple tool.

Negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts notes:

  • In the autonomic field, negative thinking attracts more negative thinking. Schemas. Hard wired.

  • Like attracts like. Literally. Physically. Psychologically. It's not an old wives tail or hippy dippy thing. It's real.

  • Self deprivation or certainly too much of it, sets you up for that pattern of thought.

  • It's the brains way of proof collecting. The proof you collect isn't always correct. Your brain recognizes negativity as proof and seeks more and sets up your neuro pathways to do so.

  • This explains a lot to me. Is it any wonder after all the abuse and neglect and critical belittling, that I developed disordered neuro pathways and thus skewed, dark thinking about myself and the world around me? I am begining to really understand what happened now and why I've been so ill and screwed up. This is massive for me. In DBT talk, a huge ahha moment!

  • This relates to inherited trauma that I need to research more. I need to break away and free of my parents mind set. Especially my father's cynical, blinkered, negative outlook. This is part of it. As well as my dark thinking as a result of abuse and neglect.

  • Negative reinforcement can be challenged and we can train ourselves to think differently through mindfulness using DBT skills.

  • We can literally rewire our physical autonomic neural pathways through positive reaffirmation and mindfulness skills. Practice practice practice. It takes work and repetitive skills practice.

  • Positive self talk.

  • Reinforce positive affirmations and self positive affirmation.

  • Practice and reinforce different perceptions, positive processing, new choices, mindfulness.

  • These practices rewire our neural pathways abs autonomic field to look for and attract positive and happier more productive thoughts. It works. It's science. The power of attraction.

  • I always used to think this was all just new age airy fairy shite. I now see the light. I am practicing. Hope.

  • We change our brains structure through training. Our brain physically rewires by neuro plasticity (I need to check the spelling!).

  • This heals damage from abuse to a large powerful extent.

#positive self talk! #the power of attraction #neuro plascisity

Self care for anxiety:

Orienteering! Practice this simple but grounding skill.

We spoke about planing a self sooth senses kit for "those" tricky moments. But to be honest, this tool doesn't work for me so I'll leave that one alone here.

Further discussion drove home the need to reintroduce my fitness routine. Get active again!

Get routine back into kilter and work on keeping it there. Keep busy!

Watch the language I use. Be mindful of Judgements. Be mindful of positive self talk. Language reflects the mind and reinforces negative thinking patters. Change that shit up!

Research THINK DBT skills. ❗❗

"emotions are messengers"

Sit with them. Feel it. Don't get stuck with them. Touch and go. Expand emotional tolerances practice. Engage in those practices.

Research: Rumi, the guest house. ❗❗

Consider eating habits.

Consider attending Yoga. Kerry Woodget? ❗❗

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