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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I hate IBS with a passion and I know exactly how it is to live with this as a physical thing hand in hand with my BPD related illnesses. And they are related.

I also get really really fucked off and worn down by constant body shaming remarks regarding my belly. My belly regularly swells and bloats due to IBS which is linked to stress which is linked to my fucked hippocampus and amygdala in my brain. It's all linked physically and emotionally (which is physical thing in itself, neurologically) and these are unwelcome problems that I try my best to manage.

It's not all about eating all the pies! 🥧 (although I bloody love pies)

Having dickheads always poking snarky put downs at you when your IBS is playing up, calling you fat or making throw away criticisms of your body shape, all the time, just grinds you down and gets your a spirit down. And yes, I am overweight. That's just a fact. Not a weakness or fault. I am what I am.

Anyway, you cant slim down a shire horse!

I have already called an idiot out on it and burned a bridge this week because of his body shaming bullying behavior even after I asked him not to. My own fucking father did it forever and still does. WTF? These thing have a profound affect on ones self esteem and confidence. I wouldn't do it to others and I don't want it done to me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I'm now trying to understand the science behind my IBS issues.

I understand fully now, psychologically, why I was binge eating and sometimes still do. This is improving and I will get on top of this issue very soon. I am really but I just need to keep practicing my DBT techniques and being very mindful.

My keto diet plan will assist my journey. It's not all about how much one is eating but about what and not just what foods as in the obvious healthy choices but about what food affect my IBS. Like garlic for example. Garlic is really healthy and one of my favorite cooking ingredients, however it inflames my IBS and causes swelling in my belly.

I'm educating myself now on the keto diet plan which is very good for IBS and very effective for skinny fat body types like my body. I hate my body shape. Fit but fat. Unlike.

I will start blogging my keto journey as soon as I complete my plan to commence it.

Keto diets are very good for IBS and my body type.

This excerpt from an article is a good place to begin. Link to full article at bottom:

Physiological complaints are common in BPD patients:

However, the occurrence of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by abdominal pain or discomfort and altered bowel habits (i.e., diarrhea, constipation) (Tanaka, Kanazawa, Fukudo, & Drossman, 2011) has not been examined. This is surprising as comorbidity of BPD symptoms with gastrointestinal disorders significantly worsens prognosis in terms of quality of life and increases the likelihood of suicide attempts (El-Gabalawy, Katz, & Sareen, 2010).

Comorbidity between IBS and BPD is likely. First, BPD may predispose someone to develop IBS. As stress itself is an important contributor to exacerbation of IBS (Tanaka et al., 2011), the emotional instability and hypersensitivity related to BPD may make these patients more vulnerable to its exacerbations. In fact, physiological complaints can be viewed as a manifestation of the self-regulatory disturbances that are characteristic of BPD (Sansone, et al., 2001; Tragesser et al., 2010). The co-occurrence of IBS and BPD may be most apparent in non-remitted BPD patients as studies have shown a link between BPD symptom severity and somatic comorbidity (Sansone, Wiederman & Monteith, 2001; Frankenburg & Zanarini, 2004; Frankenburg & Zanarini, 2006a; Frankenburg & Zanarini, 2006b).

Second, co-occurrence can be due to shared risk factors. Life adversities are common in IBS patients’ history, ranging from abuse and neglect (e.g., sexual, physical abuse) (Salmon, Skaife, & Rhodes, 2003; Ross, 2005; Paras et al., 2009; Wilson, 2010; van Tilburg et al., 2010) to more subtle forms of maltreatment (e.g., hostility) (Lackner, Gudleski, & Blanchard, 2004). Drossman (1998) proposed that co-association between an abuse history and medical conditions is related to a variety of adverse clinical consequences, including both IBS and BPD. Indeed, a history of life adversities is also common in BPD patients (Zanarini, Gunderson, Marino, Schwartz, & Frankenburg, 1989; Zanarini et al., 1997; Sansone, Hahn, Dittoe, & Wiederman, 2011).

This , if BPD and IBS have a high co-occurrence, this might be explained, at least in part, by biological mechanisms that are involved in both disorders. Both IBS and BPD have been linked to serotonin and dysregulation of the HPA-axis (Tanaka et al., 2011; Levy et al., 2006; Ni et al., 2006; Maurex, Zaboli, Öhman, Asberg, & Leopardi, 2010; Zimmerman & Choi-Kain, 2009). Thus, there might be a shared biological contribution to both disorders.



KETO ideas and recipes:

New Delhi: Weight loss is a process that requires you to eat right, not just according to your body, but also according to your lifestyle. If you eat high-carb foods all day and have little to no physical activity, you are likely to put on weight. While carbs are not essentially bad, you need to keep in check how many carbs are you eating in a day, and how many are you finally able to burn at the end of it.

Keto or the Ketogenic diet is very popular for weight loss, especially among celebrities and social media influencers. Many people claim to lose as much as 5-10 kg weight, in just a week with the Keto diet. While if it is healthy or not is a topic for another day, another problem that people face with the Keto diets is that they are designed for the western world, and include foods they eat. Here is a customised Indian Keto diet plan, that includes foods commonly eaten in our country. These foods are easy to make and low in carbs, which make them an ideal food for the keto diet.

Butter Chicken

If you are a North-Indian food fan, you know you already love this diet. Butter chicken is a high-fat, low-carb food, that makes it ideal for a keto diet. However, you must not consume it with the butter naan on the side, as that can be heavy on the carbs.

Chicken in coconut curry

If you are a lover of the rich, tasty flavour of coconut in your food, you must include this Indian dish in your keto diet. Coconut is rich in healthy fats, and chicken is a good source of protein. 

Egg curry 

Egg curry is another healthy Indian dish that you can add to your keto diet. Egg whites are rich in protein, while the yolk is rich in fats. Eggs are also low in carbs, but filling at the same time, and therefore help to curb hunger and avoid overeating.


You may opt for veggies of your choice – except the starchy ones such as potatoes or corn. You can marinate them in a mix of your choice, and cook and eat them. Veggies are low in carbs, but rich in various nutrients that the body needs.


Every vegetarian's guilty pleasure is a dish of paneer, but it may not be so guilty, after all. Paneer is low in carbs but contains protein and other nutrients that can help in weight loss. Including a handful of paneer for lunch for dinner is great for an Indian Keto diet.

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