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A quick go to diet check list.

Holding my belly accountable!

Diet plan:

Continue where I left off before the injury derailed my mission.

The no go stuff:

  • No processed foods. Eat whole foods.

  • No wheat - IBS. No bread, pasta, rice, noodles etc etc. Pasta only on or the night before set exercise days.

  • Absolutely no sugar apart from on set exercise days.

  • No more alcohol. Back on the waggon.

  • No more pizza.

  • Portion control.

  • Be mindful of when I eat. Eating late in evening isn't good.

The go to stuff:

  • Eggs - plenty of eggs

  • Chicken Quorn

  • Beef Quorn

  • Cheese

  • Veg - but not root veg - keto.

  • Fruit but limited fruit. Keto guid lines.

  • Nuts

A basic diet, keto guidelines but not intending to go into ketosis immediately as on set days I will eat non keto foods for prolonged exercise. I will replace those "gym" foods with keto gym foods within 4 months.

Refer to keto book and my pintrest board:

The naughty list:

Time to turn it around again ......

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