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A new appreciation of live events.

Well damn! Now I have a whole new perspective, a new take on live events, gigs, festivals, exhibitions etc.

I have been fortunate enough to have been to many gigs, festivals and other live events and even take part in some art exhibitions and performances . However, I have too many times backed out of live event plans due to intense gut crunching, brain mangling, spirit crushing anxiety/depression. All that fun and opportunity I lost out on. Fkin sucks.

In 2018/19 however I really pushed myself to get out there and engage in live events and attend some gigs I really wanted to see. Saw some good stuff.

2020 was ear marked for even more live fun and an art event. Well that been blown out of the water hasn’t! I’m not complaining though. These things are luxeries the end of the day but dammit I miss a live gig and a festival, big or small.

I‘ll never take live events and social gatherings for granted again. It can all be taken away overnight!

I am mindful and grateful of and for my freedoms more than other. Freedoms many are deprived of.

The last festival I attended I took some photos. Not the best but I’m glad I did:

I took lots more but air takes time to sort em all out. One day I will. Probably in years to come, literally. Assuming I’m alive!

Live events. Don’t take them for granted.

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