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Keep blogging. Why not?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Someone asked my why I keep this website blog thingy yesterday in a kinda back handed passive sneery critical judgey way. Bit silly but that's okay. Criticism is good. It fuels me, I reflect on it and it drives me onwards, not down.

Why do I Blog?

Why not? It's a journal, or one of my journals. The other one is a private journal and not available to anyone but me and my most trusted. That blog will make you cringe, blush, laugh and fucking cry. And that's okay.

Billions of people Blog all kinds of shit and this is my shit. My shit counts too.

These journals help keep my head straight, they act to hold myself accountable and to strive to be a better person than I have been and better than the angry lunatic I can potentially become when my mental health is left unchecked. This helps me check in with myself and hold true to my mental health pledges.

These blogs helps me.

Also, what's the point in taking photos and making my dodgy art if I don't do something with it?

I'm happy to make myself a bit vulnerable and share some of myself in public here. If you are here for a spy sesh to make sure I'm doing badly, you're in for a disappointing read.

I'm doing okay.

Not that many people give a damn but that's probably a relief!

Anyway, no fucks given infact so please, leave your anonymous negative feedback. The positive feedback has been astonishing.

Fellow kindred souls reaching out. Amazing.

I will keep updating my real life and updating my blog(s). It's fucking easy anyway, the blogging, type some shit, upload something, click a button and it all shoots of to various social media platforms. It's fun.

I love the good bits of the Web and I make no appologies for it.

Keep bloggin'



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