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Lesson 13 unit 1 Emotional Regulation. Quiting scenario. Quit? Ain't gunna happen.

Submitted homework question to DBT_path.


Debbie asks what are my I needs in the hypothetical situation, if I should ask to quit my course of DBT therapy?

I won't quit and I hope none of my fellow students do either. But I will list questions that I may find helpful to keep a student on the course and re-motivated.

Questions I would pose to a struggling student should I ever be in Debbie's position. 

I will be concise and not explain the why's and therefore's. 

Here go's:

What has bought you to this point? 

What are feeling and why? 

What external pressures are there that is inhibiting your DBT progress? 

Can any external barriers to therapy be resolved?

Are any of those barriers bad for you and your personal growth in life despite DBT? 

What can we do to assist you to stay aboard? 

How will you feel if you do quit in a week? 

They are pretty obvious questions to pose to a struggling student on the cusp of quitting. They need to explanation.  

As well as questions, a therapist might very well set out some reminders to struggling students about DBT and how it is not and can not be an easy ride to be able to really take positive growth from the course. In short, reminders about: 

  • The nature of DBT

  • The need for freedom from to much distraction in order to be able to focus, study and learn.

  • The need to remove obstacles that are harmful to therapy success. Part of the commitment to DBT. 

  • Commitment to DBT and the commitment to one's self. Self love. 

  • Reminders about support available through the study class area and forums. 


These obvious reminders might not be so obvious to a student in distress and distracted from the DBT course. Reminders can be very reassuring and supportive.  

In addition to that, the therapist may ask the student why they signed up to DBT in the first place. This question acts as a reminder as such, a nudge to remember the reasons they want to get better. A nudge to re focus and reset.  

Within all of these questions, reminders and conversations, is the need to re-motivate and encourage the student to stay the the course of therapy and prioritize it in their life. To really support them to study, learn and grow and move towards happiness.  

That's about it! Support, reassure and encourage the student to stick with it.  

Not necessarily in the order above as written though. Y'know. I dunno. Whatever 🤷‍♂️

just reassure and motivate.  

Yup. That's what I reckon.  

Cheers Debbie.  

Mark. 👍 


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