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Emotional Regulation 1. Lesson 13. Ahha moments and notes etc.

Very happy to get into this unit and more in depth in DBT terms. 

The starting grounding practice was very useful and every bit of meditational practice helps. 

Emotional Regulation

First of I need to look up research:

Debbie Corso ancestral trauma 

Kathryn C Holt's :

trauma somatic skills

Food relationships

Psycho spiritual work

True hunger 

Great to discuss the above subjects. I will research and dib up on these subjects and available materials. I will create a blog entry my findings.  


It was useful to talk again about what DBT actually is and how it's built and modelled and the Zen Buddhism elements of this therapy model for the new batch of students jumping into this unit.  

Always good to remind one's self of what wise mind is and is not. As opposed to emotional mind and rational mind.  

And ... 

The 3 components of of what DBT addresses discussed was again a great reminder of my goals: 

Retraining the nervous system. 

The section of our session about retraining the nervous system discussed further from our previous unit was another mind opener about the links between our thinking processes and bodily psycho-physical reactions, affects. Retraining the nervous system is going to be a long process. Hard work but totaly possible. 

Notes from our lecture and discussion:

To be continued! I'v gotta go to the sports center! 

Next I will cover some discussion about Intuition n brief. 


And I'm back! 


A very important ahha moment occurred when we discussed intuition. 

Intuition is a subject very important to me and people like me and many of us borderlines. As messed up as most of us, are, it really is a real thing, in that we have strong, often accurate intuition and can be very very on the money when we are not in a warped psychological place. Of course when we are in a twisted mad crazy place, our intuition and logical clinical and emotional minds all go to war and its fucked anyway!

So the mission is not to be in those crazy places as much or as little as possible and really nurture our intuition. 

That's fine but we need to understand what intuition really is and if I can trust it, according to my mental place. 

Being intuitive is great. Knowing when or if I can trust it (gut instinct) is vital. 

The discussion about how to really know what intuition is and how it can be trusted or not was mind opening and very very heartening to know or have feed back from professionals and other students that intuition really is an actual gift when and only when tuned correctly so to speak. 

I can't wait to get into this more and learn and discuss how to really know intuition. 

Moving on from the discussion about intuition we covered  ..... 

Goals of regulating emotion

Although we all pretty much know the goals and the why's and the therefore's of our reasons for wanting to regulate our emotions, to discuss and note these things down was again useful to keep us focused and motivated. 

In conclusion, it was another great mind opening informative session with plenty to take away and research further before the next session. 

Once again, beyond appreciated this platform exists. 

Although I have two pretty grim meltdowns this week, I am finding more and more mental tools to find space and cope. 

 I need this. More than anything. 


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