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Lesson 9. TIPP. Changing your body chemistry.

Notes and photos of worksheets complete so far for this sesh below. Far from finished. I will finish this Tuesday 24th. Bit behind but I will catch up by Wednesday 25th. 

The worksheet above needs completing once I find the right situation to practice these techniques with/in. 

Notes (just for proof sake) :

I will complete this sesh homework 24th and post here and submit to ES DBT P class room. 

Bear with me. 

Right, my AhHa moments from lesson 9:

This whole sesh has been one big ahha moment to be honest. I have already researched some of the physiological body chemistry subjects covered in this lesson and how stress and moments of crisis can affect various parts of our bodies. The great thing about this sesh was to have these things confirmed with more neurological education and body chemistry education. For example the muscle pairing mindful meditative techniques affect on our bodies, the relaxing affect on the muscle groups and mind, the Slowing affect on the thought cycle when in a bad/crisis place. Although I have practiced this technique in the past to great calming, centering affect, I have fallen out this routine and I am now enthused once again to make this calming tool a part of my daily routine. 15, 20 minutes a day is all that is needed and perhaps more in dodgy times to help avoid crisis points. Really pleases this was covered. 

Crisis points happen though. It's shit but it happens. It's getting less and less frequent but alas when it does occur, it's really really hard to bring one self back to a calm wise mind centre quickly. 

The temperature (TIPP) tool using cold water is an ahha eye opening moment in this class. How I'v never thought of using this technique before is surprising as I have used water splashes to the face to help my recovery after raging crisis points in the past. Always after. After I've peaked, got insanely angry, raged, a abused people, damaged objects around me. To late though isn't it!

The TIPP tool using cold water and ice before crisis point is reached is obvious and brilliant but I'v been missing this tool for years. Thank fuck for DBT. Thankyou. 

The physical chemistry affect using cold cold water and ice on the face and wrists while in a bad place but before crisis kick off point is astounding. I have now employed this technique during a potential angry bad one, triggered by an emotional response to a person's unfeeling attitude and the technique took me back down to manageable head space where I could reason with this person and calmly enough ask them to leave me alone for half an hour and come back to the issue the next day with wiser minds. It worked. 

I had the ice ready in the freezer, a bowl ready and the technique mindfully ready in my little brain! It really helped me out in an emergency. It helped me calm down physically and mentally and gave me the ten minutes to think and ask for space. A great tool! 

The other TIPP tools of intense excersise and paced breathing are tools I already practice and work well for me. It was fantastic to cover these though and have the techniques usefulness reinforced and the science explained further. And the colour in, colour out excersise in the midweek material was useful and I will employ that colour imaginative mindful approach more. 

Lesson 9. Very useful. Thankyou. ❤️


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