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Urge Surfing. Sitting With It. Notes.

My biggest takeaway ahha moment from the Urge Surfing sesh was the science aspect how our urge mechanisms work on a physical neurological level and why urges can feel so insanely intense and overwhelming. This session has driven home the absolute importance of seeing through DBT work with a view to creating new neural "paths" through continual practice of the techniques being taught and working these tools into our daily routines and key crisis moments. Over and over again until they become ingrained and second nature. To the point our broken faulty neural paths have literally rerouted. 

The problems I have with impulsive behaviour and some functioning addiction issues and emotional eating habits have been difficult to overcome, so the concept  Sitting With these feelings and impulsions is vital for me to be mindful of and keep practising over and over and over until it becomes hard wired.

I have had to practice this Sitting With It technique since our lesson quite intensely. I am in a new relationship and it has been quite intense and a bit scary. Good scary but scary but anxiety inducing non the less. I have had to Sit With a range of emotions, feeling and thoughts over the past week and really practice the  Urge Surfing technique to help me get through them and not enter a crisis point and react using negative harmful ....... 

..... coping stratagies and this mindful Urge Surfing practice has really been working so far, helping me stay calm, mindful and not impact on anyone else. 

Part 2 of my lesson 8 notes will example an Urge Surfing worksheet related to the notes above. To follow soon. 

Part II to follow. 

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