• IdiotTheWise

Weekend Self Care.

My commitment to my "weekend self care" agreement is to take some pressure off of my self by focusing on less tasks and shortening my "to do" list. Rather than trying to achieve so many gym goals and excersise goals I am going to just cycle Sunday and enjoy the great outdoors and use that to also practice some mindfulness techniques while out and about. Three birds, one stone, so to speak. I am also going to spend time with my partner and allow myself to relax and enjoy her company and not stress out about silly things in my mind that I can manage and rationalise with a mindful one minded approach. Finaly I will focus on my main DBT homework and get that done and get totaly up to date and ready for Mondays main session. So relaxing, partner time, cycling and mindful time are my goals. I have crossed off any other pressures. Any extra achievements are a bonus. I'v taken the pressure off! Thanks for reading. See you all Monday. 🙏

Mindfulness 💕

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