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Lesson 8. Pros and Cons notes for homework.

For my homework submittion for Lesson 8 I will use the Pro/Con 3a handout grid as my template. 

Boozing and drugs will be my subject matter as these issues really can be a go to urge I act on when in crisis or even when I'm not, when I'm just on a lost numb cruise control one. 

Below are photos of the grid template I wish to use and some very scruffy notes to refer to when I create a neat fully detailed Pro/Con grid about drink and drugs. My destructive go to crisis mechanism at the moment. 

Even creating the tatty lil rough grid in my notebook brings me some "ahha" moments of clarification. This technique really does re-enforce in black and white the many negative cons of acting on destructive urges. The immediate SNAFU's and the longer term cons of acting on these urges, especially when in crisis. 

Comparing the pro's to the con's in both the Acting on and Resiting columns, it's just so fucking obvious that drink and drugs is so destructive with no actual benefits. It's simply avoidance behaviour in the moment that causes harm, long term and short term and ours me in danger physically, mentally and financially. And morally. 

Although I know these things, I will need to create a proper grid sheet with a list of my pro/Con thoughts to help me when I'm not in a wise one minded place. 

This is a good tool I MUST employ in my journey to good health. 

I'll upload the real proper version here soon. 


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