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An old unfinished diatribe. I must have been off my fucking nut when I typed this shit out. Lol.

I've become a self confessed techno addict. I've become one of them. Fucking one of THEM! Reliant on my electronic gadgetry. Almost a slave to the Mark Zuckerberg cabal and his Jews. Those Jews eh! Tsk! And a voluntary consumer and "content provider" slave to all the rest of the social media sirens. By choice though. I at least have the insight and mindfulness of my own sad slow willing merging with the borg. My journey into trans-humanism has indeed began with earnest. My future is set.

Those Koreans are doing alright out of me too. I'm about to buy another Samsung top notch mobile device, or as my boss likes to say, very fucking annoyingly, PDA. Look it up. Silly. PDA? Fuck off. He's right though. And the rest of the cunts that make my life richer, informed and entertained. Like google (android), virgin shit service interweb, all the app developers, you know, the games, the quizes, the photo editing, the porn heroes, grinder ...... joke. No really. Oh and wix, the host of this website and blog you are bored enough to read.

I spend money on all of this shit to voluntarily provide content for on their platforms and behave like one of THEM! One of THEM that I for sooo long prided my self on not being. I was disconnected and happy (happier?) for ever.

Then I started a blog. A blog kind of website employing largely social media to share my content and other peoples content. It all began as dip in and out of thing to help me research mental health and creativity and it's intrinsic relationship in recovery and emotional regulation. It was no biggy. I still regarded myself as pretty much  not one of THEM. Independent of online reliance. 

What I didn't see coming was people actually giving a shit about my blog thing and wanting to visit my www.bore more than once or twice, let alone over and over again and even wanting to forge online relationships to talk mental health and art and read and look at, or even enjoy my content here, on instagram, tumblr and flickr. That has been both a real enjoyable buzz and a real royal pain in the ass at the same time. The hits I've had on this site, although minuscule compared to real bloggers, has been very surprising. The number of private chat room subscribers has been mental. Pun intended. 

This tiny insignificant piece of blog success has encouraged me to keep providing content as regularly as I can be honestly,  arsed. It's fun but sometimes a bit stressful too. Not stressful, just a pain when I feel unmotivated. That's all the time. Procrastination is a very real thing this end. 

Unfinished. Thankfully. WTF was going on in my mind? #thisispsychosis 



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