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The planet burns. People Applaud?

Updated: 9 hours ago

I feel the need to complain.

The planet burns, the lungs of the planet are in peril, huge wild fires all over the planet, record temperatures set every month all over the globe, record breaking storms, floods, freak cold snaps, wildlife die outs, extinctions, innocent wildlife and human suffering caused by climate change, etc etc etc. We know this is happening now and forecast to increase in severity and speed of events. Our kids are in deep shit. Yet Bournemouth beach and beyond at the Bournemouth air show is full of mainly good people whooping and applauding at big machines in the sky, sea and on land, belching out the very exhaust fumes from fossil fuels that are one of the problems largely to blame for these distasterous issues, our environmental apocalypse we find find our self's facing and passing onto the younger generations to deal with. I don't get it. I don't understand how people can get behind this shit and approve of it. What's more, most of it is drumming an indroctinating beat of war and its glorification into the masses. I don't understand. I don't like it. I'm not a kill joy. I love the engineering aspect of it all and I enjoy exciting events. I do. But this kind of thing needs to be put into sharp perspective when dealing with sad and dangerous global environmental and climate problems. If we don't stop polluting on a small scale for entertainment purposes , how the fuck are we going to stop polluting on a global industrial large scale? Stupidity.

That's my mind set anyway. We need to change our thinking or future generations will be fucked over, by us.

War war war war war war war war war ...... profit. Ffs.

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