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Homework notes for part 1 of 3 assignments. Lesson 5.

Okay. Hi! This is my homework submition for the self soothing methods

. It's not a great photo but it kind of makes the point. In my photo you can see some of my key go to sensory things, hobbies, coping mechanisms. My biggest by far is creating art and craft. The gargoyle ish sculpture on my dirty old art desk is a work in progress and has helped distract and sooth me on many a melt down! The sight and touch factor combined is a key tool for me when creating or simply enjoying art. Even smell comes into play with the scent of the materials whilst I work them. Illustration is the same. These works in progress are my current sensory escapes. The apple represents my foody sensory escape. This can be problematic but I am aware and working on forming healthier habits. That apple probably should be a pizza! lol. Food however has had positive calming affects on me. The camera again is about sight but in fact incorporates all the bodily senses when out and about capturing images. This is a huge soothing past time for me. Really get lost in it. The box of Joss Sticks are my go to scent soothing thing. Does help me to enter a mindful state. The headphones are in constant use on my Spotify or on YouTube. Music. Podcasts. Documentaries. Another vital mechanism to distract, cool down and avoid melt down. Sometimes! The list of actual creative and outdoor ventures that I try to employ to help keep me out of trouble abd mindful is endless. Practice practice practice. Thanks for reading 💕 


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