• IdiotTheWise

Self pat on the back. Cuz I'm swag as fuck!

I have been properly tested this week massively. And I hope I passed that test. 

I recognised my emotions. I felt and observed the signs of extreme distress before they manifested. 

I accepted that I was distressed and angry. Acceptance. 

I took time to feel and observe mindfully those feelings and the environment around me. 

I spoke slowly. I spoke at a normal volume. I slowed my thoughts right down. 

I discussed my thoughts calmly. 

I made sure I did not butt in on any of the others persons turn to express them self's. 

Despite the fact that I still felt wronged I was very mindful to allow the person to walk away having made there points and arguments. I let it be. 

I radically accepted the situation and difference of opinion and the fact I felt aggrivated. 

I dealt with it with a cool collected mind. 

I moved on. We moved on. We still adore each other and what is more respect each other. 

I kept my cool, my dignity and my mouth shut in the right places. 

I did not react like a raving nasty monster. 

I am learning. 

I am changing. 

I am improving. 

But I have got to keep practicing that good stuff and I will become more and more mindful and happier as time goes by!  

OK. Job jobbed.  


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