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Lesson 4 notes on Slowing Down Reactions. Observe, Describe, Participate.

This week's lesson, lesson 4 has really helped me to find some technique to order my thoughts, in theory at least. 

The Observe, Describe and Participate technique totally makes sense which is something most normal people, the unchallenged people are unaware of, unaware that they do this automatically in a healthy manner most of the time and they function in healthy undestructive way because they do this. They learned this in life. I never did. Not ever. To have this pointed out and educated about it is a relief and gift. The practical excersises and homework and knowledge I am not alone in this with a group around me sharing this experience is very reassuring. 

Keep practicing. 




This slows down my 0 to 100 emotional reactionary thinking and introduces me to mindful factual thinking. This excersises is vital to my change in psyche and negative personality traits. Anger. Paranoia. Etc.  

My goal to think with positive clarity is achievable. With practice I can curb my automatic negative judgemental bullshit.  

I can reach a point of mindfulness and employ some wisdom which I have but gets lost in my BPD messy mind.  

To react calmly and effectively without self sabotaging and being an irrationsl bully to my nearest and most treasured ones is the goal. To be happy. To be kinder  

I can sense this is achievable now.  


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