• IdiotTheWise

DBT notes class 1. Basic Distress Tolerance.

My ah ha moment! The biggest ah ha moment this end for me was the information about the actual physical damage, changes and re wiring of the brain caused by trauma. The faulty re rooting of neural pathways. On the physical side of this condition I have always had the feeling my brain was actually physically broken or affected by trauma and cortisone which of course it is, but the feeling of  damage has been a real concern. I'v never functioned correctly since I was ten on any levels. I was meant to have a scan but the the NHS let me down this end in a psych hospital mNy years ago. It never happened. Anyway, that piece of confirmation about the physical neurological side makes complete sense. That aside, the whole session was an ah ha thing despite my already extensive knowledge about this condition, to have it all layed out logically and by people in the know, it all really backs up my drive to do this work and more. To be reminded about, discuss and practice mindfulness tools is always a huge positive thing. A key tool in my recovery journey.  

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