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When my condition(s) were untreated due to the NHS being broken I was a horrid hot mess of emotions including huge anger, red hot rage. It was hell on earth, literally hell. I lost so much due to my illness being unchecked for so long. I was horrible to the person I worshipped. Horrid. The one person I loved I was a cunt too. 

Unchecked mental illness did that. I did that.

If you have BPD and you are raging, get the fuck treated, get help. Don't loose a loved one like I did. 

The NHS is broken. Go private if you can with CBT and DBT especially. If you have been abused as a child or young adult, seek therapy. It's essentail. Get meds too if required. I am on venlafaxine and it's a fucking miracle drug. Yes, it has made me fat but it has helped me cage that raging bastard monster inside and really progress in therapy and grow spiritually, intellectually and around my waste line! Worth the extra weight to be happy again. 

Unchecked BPD can kill you.

Unchecked BPD is unfair on your partner and others around you.

I became an abusive arse hole.

It should never have gotten to that point ever. No excuses. 

Take accountability and get treated and supported and watch and feel the love and joy flood back in to your heart and life. It can be done. I promise you. 

Read this article below. External link. 

An article on BPD rage:


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