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Blue Bells.

I'm a bad water colourist but hey, I'll have a bash at anything. And so I did.

A celebration of the wonderful bluebells in my garden and in my hedge, actually inside my hedge, in the shade. Bizzare but beautiful. I can't stop looking at them! 

I'll improve at this WC game soon enough. I'm knocking out lots of bad stuff as I practice. The good stuff is begining to appear. Kind of. Ish. 

As I strive to give alcohol up entirely to assist my weight loss, because of fucking psych meds making me fat, this painting practice had helped distract my thoughts from the pub and pub friends that I miss. Pub friends. Yep. 

Keep creating Cummins. It'll be alright.

Anyway, I digress. Blue bells. Love 'em. 

Copyright? This? Na fuck it. Help ya self if you'te that desperate! 😉

Thanks for stopping by. 

Now. Go away! 😁😘

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