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More ramblings.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Work In progress:

I have a dark monster I try and lock up inside. He's a bit of a shit cunt. Real bastard. Very unkind.

He's the monster I try and keep locked up and concealed inside of my rib cage for no one to find. He's mine. All mine.

It breaks my bones and nashes and rips at my heart trying to break loose. He really does hurt my heart, leaving it scarred.

He swears and cusses and he shouts and throws sticks and stones and rattles the bars.

It has furious red eyes full of hate and psychotic rage. 

It knows how to pick my lock but I try and hide any keys and tools.

Things is this beast in my mind is not easily fooled.

It wants out, it wants loose.

It wants want to face me and hand me my noose.

This beast inside once escaped and destroyed my one true love.

It won the war.

No help came.

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