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Harbour Bruise

This framed print now hangs in a sunseeker ltd office somewhere. In Poole somewhere. A sunseeker employee who was put in touch by my most excellent mate Matty Phipps contacted me and bought 3 framed prints from me that were all captured in Poole harbour dry dock yard. I'll post the other two up soon, one at a time. 

Prints available framed or otherwise, canvas, boxed or otherwise, and on metal or perspex through RRC directly at the moment by contact, see contact page, but soon links will be posted up to buy them through a third party print supplier at a click. Or a few clicks anyhow! 

I was chuffed to sell this as I didn't see it as a seller. Just a creative look at cracks in a boat launching area in the dry docks at Poole by Sunseeker. That's what sold it partly. The context of the image. 

Good stuff. Happy with that. 


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