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Koda. Kevins dog.

I love Koda. He's a brilliant loving dog. Kevin his owner, nay, friend, is the same. Exactly the same but with two legs and he doesn't lick and bark at me when I see him. Mores the pitty. Kevin might have a tail though. I can't prove other wise. 

I spent some more time with these two legends today. Observing the deep bond between Koda and Kevin is facsinating and beautiful. Kevin lives with MS and is single. He struggles and soldiers on independently, doing his thing, his way, cheerfully. 

Kevin does have a helping hand, or paw though, in the shape of Koda the dog. Koda can do things. Amazing things. Koda is Kevins constant companion and best friend. 

I'm always happy in their company shooting the shit and drinking far to much caffiene and water out of a bowl. Yes a bowl! What? 

I got home and drew Koda for Kevin which I will frame for him and give to him although he may not quite "get it". He likes Hockney. 


Realistic inturpretation don't cha thunk? 


Bite me. 


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