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If you are one of those that accidentally stumbles across this mind numbing silly blog thing and needs to escape from it fast, check out my tumblr blog linked in the menu and below for more of my diatribes, sub standard art work and photography, videos and articles about mental health, dealing with EUPD in the main. There is some funny shit to, all ripped from youtube of course. Because I'm not very funny. 

I like tumblr. It's more fun than smackbook and less intrusive. They have also cleaned up all the porno bullshit and is once again safe for anyone. A really good platform and you can add your own CSS code and java script to really tailor your page to your own taste and needs. My page is pretty standard though. No bells and whistles. 

I no longer do facebook so this is where I will post and share a lot of my nonsense from now on. Instagram and flickr continues as standard for photography stuff. 

It's all just for fun though yeah! Mainly. 

Thanks for checking in. Now, go away. 

xx :) 

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