• IdiotTheWise

Borderline Confession.

I see you, but you don’t really see me. I show you who I want you to see, who I think you want me to be. My very existence depends on your acceptance I fear the death that is, rejection. My life, is not my own. I serve others, for love. Myself, I disown. My insides are boiling, trying to escape I pace back and forth, I rock and shake. Get me out of myself Again, I flee. Self destruction consuming me. Letting it all go, An illusion of freedom. A slave to my emotions and inner demons. Ill sabotage the good, and push you away Ill test the limits and hope you’ll stay. I cut myself, to interpret the pain. Your understanding I’ll never gain. Lock me up, Make my decisions. I can’t be trusted, with the life I am living. I envy others. I imitate. I wear a smile, but all is fake. The lost little boy. Trying to find his way home. Terrified to be alone. My identity, I hope to find in you I wait to be rescued, from my shame and depression These things I’ll never tell you, This is my Borderline confession. 


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