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This is a note I wrote, So that every time I open myself to others, They know how they’re going to cope. This is my trigger warning note. Warning — I am funny. On the first three months we made our conversation so heavy, That every dream we’ve shared has turned into reality. Every word, every detail of our words is insanity. Well that’s crazy. Warning — I can be so hyper, Energetic, overactive. My smiles get bigger And wider every time we see each other.

Your traffic light hair inly made your character sweeter.

Well, that made me a day dreamer. Warning — I am too clingy. Try to hold me and our bodies will be stuck with love and honey. So sticky that we had to wash ourselves vigorously In order to build a wall between you and me. Well that’s also crazy. But warning — I am a trigger So obsessive, I am a star that died and became subversive. I am a trigger Secretly9 egocentric, I am a great believer of Ptolemy with his theory of geocentric, I am a trigger So toxic, Loving me is a sign of being “idiotic.” I am a trigger So suicidal, Give me a gun and wait for the burst, no denial. I am a trigger So violent, Yes, you heard it right for I’m the founder of the juvenile delinquent.

I am a trigger So unstable, I’ll keep pushing you away without something reasonable. I am a trigger — I am a trigger — Warning, I am a trigger — Warning, I am a trigger — Warning — Trigger — Warning — Trigger — Trigger warning — Trigger warning — Trigger warning — I am a trigger warning Do not ask me if I go to parties or if I have any goals, Because I mastered playing Russian Roulette before kicking rugby ball. Do not ask me why I love being alone or why I seldom went to school, Because the outside world doesn’t suit me and making friends isn’t that cool. Do not ask me how can I deal with myself or how can I cope with others, Because the answer will always be, “I don’t know, I don’t even respect the elders.” Do not ask me — Just don’t ask me anything, For every word that pops out in my mouth is a trigger warning. But there’s only one thing you need to know without asking. Stay — I also deserve the beauty of caring. Stay — Don’t be afraid of me, I’m capable of loving. Stay — My arms can be your home. Warm and addicting. Stay — I can be your knight until the last star stops shining. Stay — That’s all I need. Stay — That’s all I want. Stay — Don’t go away. But please stay away if you intend not to stay. Just stay — Just stay. This is the note I wrote, So that every time I open myself to others They know how they’re going to cope. This is my trigger warning note. Yes — I leave the pages blank. I leave the note unwritten. Because I don’t want you to just read it. I want you to stay, Even though I’m unstable. Just stay.

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