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People. Another work in progress.

Slowly but surely I am adding to my flickr galleries again, from scratch, including an album of observations and captures of people that is being expanded all the time. If you're bored enough, head over and take a look:

Right here look! 

Nothing professional or particularly impressive but it is genuine spur of the moment photographic observation. So there.

I like taking photo's of people, both friends and strangers. Friends particually because I'm not very good at maintaning healthy long term friendships or any kind of relationships in fact. I'm working on that though because I want to. I want to be a better person and friend. 

Photography, tenuously perhaps, helps play a part in that painful but sometimes beautuful journey. 

Photographs last longer than some of my recent relationship attempts. I can keep them. Hmmm .... yep, gotta work on that shit. 

It's never to late.

Anyway .... photo's. 

I can't be bothered to update this blog entry regularly so please check out my flickr blog  for regular additions to my gallery. If you can be bothered. 

Thaaaaanx. Etc. 

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