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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Heart Feeling Intensely

Having a dominant mind, always thinking every moment, yet feelings come intensely and my heart feels them all with no exception.

Pain, hurt, loss, suffering, all touch my heart entirely, it never rejects any of the feelings that come into it's being.

Incessant and intense, delving into depths of my heart, opening the flood gates, allowing the sluice to escape.

Ripping, tearing, and wringing feelings and emotions, constantly terrorize this heart.

Never rejecting any of them, just allowing them to completely flow through me, causing a strengthening of resolve for the future and to put it all into writing.

Hoping everyone may see that life can survive even the worst emotions and turmoil that hits a heart just because we are human.

Situated in the middle of our chest, we use it as a target for the barbs and arrows of others who decide to hurt or harm us emotionally, mentally or physically.

We are all encompassed by it's space in our bodies, even though we rarely think about it until we are hurt. 

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