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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

It's messy,

all jumbled up inside, head's proper fucked up, 



stressy, from the H-bomb you dropped,


the one where you lied,

the one where my entire life shook and rocked?

Hard to see the truth, when the truth doesn't want to be seen, hard to trust when your heart's been smashed and broken,

ripped at the seems, by the very one you thought you knew. Hard to find that same faith again, when you refuse to fall down and go insane again, when your sanity can't take that downward spiral of black futile pain, when you have so much love to give, when your life just seems, there's not much left to live. Betrayed be the one who claimed to love you best, beat down and made to feel like vermin,

nothing more than a pest, falling down on your knees, bleeding tears,

mourning those years, cry to grieve. 

Well done Judas,

you snake,

you thief. 

10 out 10,

well done you,

beyond belief. 


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