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RGB shenanigans.

In a nut shell, without banging on about it to much, this blog entry will be an going one about my fun and games with an RGB lens housing, that was pulled out of an old discarded cinema projector that my mate Bernard found in a skip at the AUB (arts uni). He gave me this little gem and I have since re-engineered it, milled out the apertures wider, threaded the end of all of the apertures so I can screw my camera's in tight, milled and threaded out a hole on each side so I can fix to my re-engineered fat tripod, moved the mirror glass around a bit and polished the the scratched coloured glass, or at least the green bit. I left the others a bit rough as it adds a bit of ambience.

This is how the RBG prism lens works essentially.

The diagram above explains how the RGB prism lens works essentially.

The photos below are the actual RGB prism device with out a camera screwed into an aperture. There are three to choose from, The red, the green or the blue holes. The added slide door opens up the prism housing to light and exposure.

Ilford XP400 B/W Film and Pentax analogue camera with prism lens capture.

Sold this canvas via photo4me to a customer.

I have had hours of fun and distraction with this toy, trying to get it perfect, which I haven't yet. However, I am pleased with many of the images so far. I've now started to explore with other coloured glass over the top of the exposed RGB apertures, as in mixing colours and textured tracing papers, grasses, leaf skeletons, you name it, to create and explore effects. Most of the time it doesn't work but the odd happy accident is always what I am waiting for. I'm now using shitty old expired grainy film too, as well as my digital captures. Good fun playing around with these images on Photoshop too, I must admit. All good fun.

Great distraction toy. Helps me fend off the ever lurking black dog. The bastard.

I'll keep adding to this blog entry instead of making separate entries because I'm a lazy mother focaccia!

Loads more to be added very soon. Some digitally edited, some not.

eNjOy! Now ... gO aWaY ! x

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